Overview of Phelps Security, Inc.


Phelps Security, Inc. is a security company with over 55 years of experience in the security industry. Established in 1953, Phelps Security, Inc. is one of the oldest locally owned and operated security companies in Memphis today.

Phelps Security, Inc. is a security company that is family owned and operated by a second generation with third generation involvement. Phelps Security, Inc. is made up of individuals who work as a team. It is through effective teamwork that its operational objectives are achieved and client expectations are exceeded.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

phelps security special officersWe, at Phelps Security, strive to provide an exceptional product to our clients. We place our personal reputation on the line each day. We are the only security firm in Memphis that is bold enough to put our family name on the sleeve of our uniform. If we do not provide a quality product, our family reputation is at stake.

Today, there are literally hundreds of security companies to choose from in the Memphis market. All are promising high quality service, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing. You will find Phelps Security is one of the oldest security companies with a reputation that sets the security standards for those to follow.

Our management staff of retired and active Law Enforcement professionals and Military Security professionals provides our customers a unique defense against crime and creates respected relationships within the Law Enforcement community that is invaluable in the time of need.

Phelps Security, Inc.'s slogan is A Step Above The Rest. Yes, Phelps Security promises high quality service with a management staff that ensures it, outstanding customer service with a family history that has proven it, and competitive pricing our competitors find hard to beat.

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